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Zhengzhou Tianyang high quality high quality fused zirconium corundum brick

Electric melting zirconium corundum brick AZS33#:
The dense microstructure of AZS33# zirconium corundum bricks makes the bricks resistant to glass corrosion, and it is not easy to produce stones or other defects in the glass kiln. It is the most widely used product in glass kiln, mainly suitable for the upper structure of the melting pool, the pool wall bricks and paving bricks of the working pool, the material channel and so on.
AZS33 is the most widely used and widely used tea in the cast AZS series, and has excellent performance in preventing contamination of glass. Widely used in the glass wall of the glass furnace, the bottom of the pool, the superstructure and the supply channel.
Electric melting zirconium corundum brick AZS36#:
In addition to the same co-crystallized body as AZS33# fused zirconium corundum brick, 36#AZS brick has more corrosion resistance due to the addition of more chain-locked zirconia crystals and lower glass phase content, so 36# fused zirconium corundum brick The property is further enhanced, so it is suitable for areas where the flow rate of the glass is fast or the temperature is high.
AZS36 s is a high-performance product in the cast AZS series. It has high resistance to glass erosion and low pollution. It is usually used in key parts such as the wall of the glass melting furnace hot spot.
Electric melting zirconium corundum brick AZS41#:
AZS41# fused zirconium corundum bricks contain more uniform distribution of zirconia crystals in addition to the co-crystals of silica and alumina. In zirconia corundum brick system, the corrosion resistance is the best. Therefore, the key parts of the glass furnace are selected to balance the life of these parts with other parts.
AZS41 is the most outstanding product in the cast-cast AZS series. It has extremely high resistance to vitrification and high glass phase bleed temperature, and it has extremely low pollution to glass. The key parts such as the wall of the glass kiln hot spot, the corner of the feeding port, the fluid hole, the kiln, the bottom of the pool and the all-electric melting furnace are widely used.\
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