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Fused Cast AZS 33 Brick With Good Dense Structure For Glass Furnace

Fused Cast AZS 33 brick has good dense structure which leads to its strong corrosion resistance and low pollution to glass liquid. What’s more, the good castability of this material enables the production of complex and various shapes.


why does Fused Cast AZS 33 brick have dense structure?


As the Material of AZS 33 brick is electro-fused Alumina-Zirconia-Silica,with33% ZrO2,and the superior zircon sand is imported from Australia,the process for these brick is very coplicated that are casted by melting raw material in the mold with high temperature, then cooling and solidification. So both the special material and complicated process lead to its dense structure. Its physical and chemical index is as below:

Item TY-AZS33
Al2O3 ≥50.00
ZrO2 ≥32.50
SiO2 ≤15.50
Na2O+K2O ≤1.30
Volume density g/cm3 ≥3.75
Apparent Porosity % ≤1.2
Cold Crushing Strength  Mpa ≥300
Exudation Temperature of Glass Phase ≥1400
Bubble Separation Ratio1300×10h ≤1.2
Anti-corrosion rate of glass liquid
1500×36h mm/24h%
Bulk density
PT(RN RC N) ≥3.50
QX(RO) ≥3.65

In addition, there are different cast processes of AZS bricks which can fulfill different demands for different parts of glass furnace.It is the most widely used product in glass furnace and the largest quantity used in AZS product. It is mainly applied in superstructure, working end and feeder channel of glass furnace,etc.

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