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AZS Ramming Materials

Bulk density g/cm3:3.2

Thermal conductivity:Good

Anti-corrosion property:Excellent at 1300℃

particle diameter of grain:0-5mm

Application temperature:Cold/low temperature

Used for:Under bottom paving, spreading, Melting end and working area

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Mix certain amount of the mass according to on-site assumption. When it mixes well, add room temperature water by a ratio of 6-7%, or adjust the ratio according to local climatic condition and water content of the mixture. Blend it till there is no raw ramming mass left or till that it will break into pieces instantly when it falls to the ground after one unlooses his grip of the mass from the height of 0.33 meters;

The construction site and bonder should be clean and without sundries. The leftover well-mixed mass should be covered with plastic sheet film or placed in shady and cool place. The mass that is not dry and hard can be used again; otherwise, it should be crushed and used together with other raw material or abandoned.

Mix with water to make the material likeslurry then press smooth by vibrating.

USAGE: Open the bag to check if the coagulant agent is dampened or hardened, and then spread the coagulant agent uniformly into the bag;

Technical Data

Item Behaviors
Al2O3 48 48 48 48
  ZrO2 30 30 30 30
  SiO2 20 20 20 20
  Others 2 2 2 2
Bulk density g/cm3 3.2 3.1 3.1 3.1
Crystallographic analysis 
after being sintered at 
Corundum, zirconium oxide  Corundum, zirconium oxide Corundum, zirconium oxide Corundum, zirconium oxide
Thermal conductivity Good Good Good Good
Anti-corrosion property  Excellent at 1300℃ Excellent at 1300℃ Excellent at 1300℃ Excellent at 1300℃
particle diameter of grain 0-5mm 0-0.6mm 0-0.5mm 0-0.4mm
Application temperature Cold/low temperature Cold/low temperature Cold/low temperature Cold/low temperature
Quantity of water 8-10%
(proportion by weight)
(proportion by weight)
(proportion by weight)
(proportion by weight)
Solidification   Water (ceramic) Water (ceramic) Water (ceramic) Water (ceramic)
Packaging 25kg/bag 25kg/bag 25kg/bag 25kg/bag
Quality guarantee period 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Used for Under bottom paving, spreading,
Melting end and working area
Under bottom paving, spreading 
and the place between fused 
cast brick and  AZSR-50V
Under bottom paving, spreading, 
and the joint between bricks of 
two layers that are between the 
fused cast brick and  AZSR-50V
Joint between bricks of two layers


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