Fused cast α-β Alumina Block TY-M
  • Fused cast α-β Alumina Block TY-M
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Fused cast α-β Alumina Block TY-M

Al2O3 Chemical Composition :94 %

SiO2 Chemical Composition:1 %

NaO2 Chemical Composition :4 %

α-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :44 %

β-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :55 %

Vitreous Phase Crystallographic Analysis :1 %

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Fused cast Alumina Block TY-M Description

Fused cast Alumina Block TY-M  is formed by the compact structure of alpha alumina and beta alumina crystals in a most ideal proportion which is approximately 50% and 50% respectively,where intertwined crystals of both materials result in a very dense structure.TY-M has dense structure and no contamination to glass. It is the ideal refractory materials for channels, spouts and working ends of floating glass furnace.

Specifications and applications

--Below 1350 ℃, it has excellent corrosion resistance against molten glass and great performance against contamination to molten glass, thus it is very suitable for paving blocks and fore-hearth channel blocks.

--When in contact with molten glass, it barely produces any blistering or stones. So, α-β alumina blocks may be widely used in working tank, feeder channels, superstructures and lipstone, etc.

--In general, in soda-lime container furnaces α-β alumina fused-cast is installed in the Alcove and channel areas, as alternative to AZS fused-cast for Alcoves and as alternative to AZS fused-cast, zirmul, sinter-alumina and other sinter refractories for channels.

--In the float furnaces fused-cast α-β alumina is widely installed in the glass contact (sidewall and pavers) from the waist through the refining area up to spout and lip included.

Technical Data

  α-β Alumina TY-M
Chemical Composition % Al2O3 94
  SiO2 1
  NaO2 4
  Other oxides 1
Crystallographic Analysis % α-Al2O3 44
  β-Al2O3 55
  Vitreous Phase 1


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