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Light insulation board manufacturing method

Light insulation board refers to a heat insulation board with a bulk density of less than 850kg/m3 and a thickness of less than 6cm. This insulation board is attached to the external wall of a building and has the functions of heat preservation, sound absorption, and sound insulation. The existing lightweight insulation boards include gypsum products, mortar products and polyphenylene products. Gypsum insulation board has low strength, poor thermal insulation performance of mortar insulation board, and high cost of polyphenyl insulation board are not ideal light insulation boards. Nowadays, a light insulation board with good insulation, sound absorption, sound insulation performance, high strength, convenient transportation and installation and its manufacturing method are introduced.
The material of the insulation board is vermiculite powder, cement, resin binder, and the mesh is lined with a mesh glass fiber grid cloth. The specific production method is as follows:
       Slurry A ratio (% by weight)
       Silica powder 50-55, bauxite cement 12-15, resin binder 3-6, water 25-34.
       Then in the template box, first lay a layer of slurry A about 5 mm thick, then lay a layer of mesh glass fiber grid cloth, then spread a layer of slurry A about 5 mm thick, and then lay a layer on it. About 4 cm thick slurry B, then covered with a layer of slurry A about 5 mm thick, then covered with a layer of mesh fiber cloth, and finally covered with a layer of slurry A about 5 mm thick, then Smooth, finally natural conservation 15 to 25 days or steam curing material.
       This kind of vermiculite lightweight insulation board has a bulk density of 480kg/m3, a thermal conductivity of 0.09-0.111 (m·k), a water absorption rate of 30%-60% for 24 hours, a compressive strength of 200-300kg/cm2, and an impact strength of 5-10kg. /m2, bending strength 2.5kg/m2.
       The lightweight insulation board made of vermiculite powder as the main raw material is light in weight, high in strength, non-flammable, sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, heat-insulating, heat-insulating, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, sawing, nailing, easy installation, and surface Can paint and brush a variety of paints, but also tiling and wallpaper, is currently the more ideal wall insulation material.\
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