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Production of Fused Brick Model

In the production of the frit, the molten liquid is poured into a preformed sand mold or other model. The quality of the mold has a great relationship with the quality of the product. In order to ensure the quality of the welding brick, the sand type has good air permeability, impact resistance, thermal mechanical properties and accurate size and smooth surface.
Sand is generally made of silica gel with a binder glass of water.
Silica sand on the requirements of SiO2 contains more than 98%, if the SiO2 with low background, impurities, will affect the sand heat resistance. The proportion of water glass is 1.34g / cm3, which is mixed with silica sand in a certain proportion in the mixer, according to the model requirements with the box, began to produce sand, and then loaded into the kiln drying kiln drying.
In order to prevent the deformation of the pallet caused by deformation of the sand plate, sand tray requires sufficient strength.
Mold sticky sand will cause the sand size changes directly affect the appearance of the size of the fuse, so should pay attention to the mold of the cleaning section.
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