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How to Select Lining Materials

The right refractory materials and insulation materials, reasonable lining structure and high quality construction are important reasons to improve the performance of the furnace and expand the service life of the lining.
The common fireclay bricks used in the industrial furnaces are the mixture of SiO2 and Al2O3. The impurities can make the bricks softened at high temperature. the maximum working temperature of the lining is 1350℃. The maximum working temperature of furnace linings built with 60% high alumina bricks is 1450℃. The working temperature of the magnesia bricks and magnesia alumina bricks is 1500℃. They are excellent alkali resistant refractory materials and mostly used to build heating furnace bottom. Fused cast AZS bricks have great wear resistance and corrosion resistance to iron oxide. They are used as the slide tiles for continuous furnaces. Silicon carbide bricks have high thermal conductivity and good strength. They are suitable to the muffle cover and radiant panels of the low/non oxidization heating furnaces. the anti-carburizing bricks with SiO2 and Al2O3 as the main composition and no less than 1% Fe2O3 have good resistance to reducing atmosphere. 
With the emergence of lightweight and super lightweight refractory materials, the linings begin to be built with refractory fiber and lightweight bricks. Since these materials have good refractory properties and insulation properties, they have achieved excellent energy saving results. 
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