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Installation And Masonry Of Fused Cast AZS Block

Proper installation and masonry is one important factor that influences the service life of the fused cast AZS. Installation and masonry of complex and different installation and masonry methods are chosen based on the area it is used. 
If the material is inadequately compacted during installation, voids or areas of low density may form, creating a weak spot easily attacked by molten metal. Maintaining proper expansion gaps, correct dimension of bricks and monolithics, fixing anchors etc. all are very important to achieve better life of fused cast AZS. 
Installation And Masonry Of Bottom Block
Install the pile bricks of I-beam and channel steel before the installation and masonry of AZS block. Control the flatness with a horizontal instrument. At the same time, insulation materials can be installed, but sometimes insulation materials are installed after the masonry of fused cast AZS in the melting zone is completed. 
When installing the AZS block, first determine the masonry line of the first row. The expansion joints between each block are separated with a shim with a predetermined thickness. After blocks are placed, fine-tune them with hammers to ensure the flatness and the size of the expansion joints. After the masonry is completed, clean the blocks, close all joints between the blocks with waterproof tape and protect them with a layer of laminated paper. Separate expansion joints between the rows and rows are with wood stripes. 
Installation And Masonry Of Sidewall Block
First determine the position of each segment of sidewall and the construction steel. Remove the laminated paper, cover seam paper and steel gasket and clean the masonry site before construction. 
Each block has its number. Install the blocks according to the numbers on the assembly drawing provided by the manufacturer. Care shall be taken to ensure the verticality and elevation of AZS block. Fused cast AZS blocks at the corner should contact to each other tightly. If necessary, polish each end at the site. 
Proper installation and masonry is extremely important but there are other factors involved like the proper size and location of expansion joints or the thickness of a wall. 
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