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Current refractory plant development problems

Refractory material is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, silicate, power and other industrial areas of industrial production of raw materials, metallurgical industry in the largest amount of refractory total output of 50% to 60%. At present, the refractory plant in the development of the problems to be faced with a lot, we have to continue to work hard, striving for the development of refractory into a new stage.
    First, raw materials rise, prices fall
    Economic construction in most areas this year also began to slow down, demand fell, not only sales prices fell sharply, sales have declined. At present, Henan refractory is still using coal transport vehicles will be low-cost refractory into Shanxi, bear the brunt of Taiyuan and other major cities, the current western Shanxi and northwest areas are less affected, but does not rule out the long-term inflow will cause serious influences. For future prices, the probability of decline is still large, because the oversupply of the state will continue, and if the low price of refractory inflows in Henan, will greatly combat the market supply and demand situation, making the competition more intense. The rise in raw materials has led to a decrease in the number of purchasers and a decrease in the number of purchasers resulting in a decline in product prices.
    Second, the shortage of innovative talent and solutions
Talent, especially senior intellectuals, they have a high degree of education, high management capacity, high organizational capacity and other comprehensive quality ability to promote the development and progress of the industry, is an important symbol of the industry. To solve the shortage of talent 1: the establishment of a good talent training mechanism, increase investment in education. This is the most effective way to solve the talent, especially the long-term development. 2: to create a superior living environment, the introduction of talent policy, to absorb mature talent. 3: through the headhunting company, heavy gold reward, multi-channel hunting senior personnel. 4: the re-education of grass-roots employees, to enhance their practical ability to exercise, and its comprehensive ability. Let them get more learning and practice the opportunity to exercise. 5: the use of various social relations, win over talent, mining talent, find talent.
    Third, overcapacity is the industry's most important reason for intense competition
Production capacity is excessive, can not just look at the production capacity and the total supply, the more important is to see how much demand. But the demand is a variable, not easy to accurately determine. Therefore, the determination of overcapacity, the need to increase the output in the vertical comparison too fast, too much at the same time, should also point out in what range, in the long time interval, relative to how much effective demand. From the recent supply and demand relationship, the refractory industry is still facing greater pressure on excess capacity in the future cement and steel and other infrastructure construction is relatively stable and real estate investment growth slowdown is expected, the refractory industry is expected to experience a longer Time of the production capacity to the process.
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