Fused cast β- Alumina Block TY-H
  • Fused cast β- Alumina Block TY-H
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Fused cast β- Alumina Block TY-H

Al2O3 Chemical Composition :93 %
NaO2 Chemical Composition :6.5 %
α-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :0 %
β-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :99 %
Vitreous Phase Crystallographic Analysis :1 %
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TY-H fused cast alumina block comprises of a majority of β alumina crystals and a slight portion of α alumina crystals in compact structure. Moreover, the intersected texture of large β-alumina ensures great dimensional stability and great resistance against spalling. Its property of base saturation enables a higher resistance to alkali vapor, thus it has excellent thermal shock resistance and does not form molten droplets. It is the best material for molter crown, port crown,feeder channel,ect.

TY-H Alumina Block Application

--Widely used in port mouth ,breast wall and top crown of floating successive furnaces.

--Superstructure where batch scattering.

--Molter crown, port crown,feeder channel,ect.

Technical Data

  β Alumina TY-H
Chemical Composition % Al2O3 93
  SiO2 -
  NaO2 6.5
  Other oxides 0.5
Crystallographic Analysis % α-Al2O3 0
  β-Al2O3 99
  Vitreous Phase 1


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