Fused cast α- Alumina Block TY-A
  • Fused cast α- Alumina Block TY-A
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Fused cast α- Alumina Block TY-A

Al2O3 Chemical Composition :98.5 %

SiO2 Chemical Composition:0.4 %

NaO2 Chemical Composition :0.9 %

α-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :90%

β-Al2O3 Crystallographic Analysis :4 %

Vitreous Phase Crystallographic Analysis :6 %

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Alumina TY-A:

TY-A is an ideal product for the lower temperature zones of the glass melting furnaces due to its high density, superior corrosion resistance and low blister potential. It is also an ideal material for Metallurgical Titanium Furnace because the superior thermal stability.

It is the typical glass contact materials for the end zones of furnaces (working-end, feeder channels) when glass quality is the priority : TV Glass, high quality container glass, float glass.

Technical Data

  α Alumina TY-A
Chemical Composition % Al2O3 98.5
  SiO2 0.4
  NaO2 0.9
  Other oxides 0.2
Crystallographic Analysis % α-Al2O3 90
  β-Al2O3 4
  Vitreous Phase 6


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